IT Takes a Team: The New Era of Collaborative Tech Support

Over the years, I’ve had the chance to hear from many business owners, and one common theme stands out: the crucial role of the IT professional. In the beginning stages of their ventures, this tech expert was near the heart of their operations, always ready to fix any digital problem. Business owners have told me how much they appreciated having their IT person just a message away, ready to sort out any tech issues that came up.

However, as their businesses grew, their needs changed. The comforting presence of an IT person ready to jump in and solve problems was no longer enough to assure a smoothly operating business. There was a need for change—not necessarily changing the IT staff but moving from just reacting to problems to preventing them before they happen. Smart business owners know that for their systems to run smoothly, they need to be aware and stay ahead of potential issues. IT Support had to become a fundamental part of the business, essential for its growth and success.

🏢 Today’s small business owners understand that their IT systems need to be as stable but flexible and fast-moving as their own businesses. It’s not enough to have someone who can quickly fix problems; they need someone who is always working to prevent problems from happening in the first place. This is why enterprises that have well-managed IT departments are all about—being proactive, striving for <1% reactive.  Obviously, their $ amount spent is different, but it’s the % of spend toward proactive work vs reactive support that is enlightening and differentiating.

This kind of approach usually can’t be handled by just one IT person even for a small business. It requires a team of IT experts who really get what the business is about and can tailor their assistance to meet its specific business needs. They’re not just there to solve tech problems but to be strategic partners, working together to make sure that technology supports the company’s goals and grows with it.  Business owners need IT to Work for Them!

⚠️ Small business owners should be aware of a big change in the IT world: the market for tools and support is now focusing more on teams than on individuals. This shift in the multi-billion dollar industry is not just about providing better IT support for small businesses but also about promoting a proactive way of working. This change shows a commitment to making sure IT not only meets basic standards but is also closely aligned with the unique strategies and goals of each client. The move towards tools designed for teamwork is a clear sign that success in IT now “takes a team.”

At Entech, we’re in tune with this shift in the industry. That’s why we use these advanced tools, not just to meet basic standards, but to help our business and our clients’ businesses’ strategy move forward in a smart and planned way. By focusing on proactive IT management, Entech ensures that small business owners have a team that’s not just ready to fix problems when they happen—we’re always working, tuning systems, and aligning our efforts with your business goals. This approach lets businesses concentrate on their main work, knowing their IT is strong, secure, and keeping up with the future. Can we keep it simple with a Roadmap? – Absolutely!

🪖 As a leader in the IT field, Entech’s broad range of services gives you peace of mind, coming from a partnership with a forward-thinking ally. We’re the Complete IT department for many businesses and we just as much welcome businesses with their own trusted IT staff – we call this Co-managed.  We all hate tech issues as much as you do and our promise of unlimited service plans backs that up as we continuously focus on proactive technology management. This forward-looking strategy is our commitment to reducing the need for on-the-spot fixes by always being a step ahead.

In conclusion, the evolution from immediate, reactive IT support to a planned, team-based approach is a key development that modern small business owners need to adopt. Entech is ready to help your business through this change, making sure you’re not just getting by, but thriving in today’s fast-moving digital world. With Entech, you can be sure your IT is being handled with foresight, keeping you ahead of the game.