Learning to Fish vs. Having the Fish Served: Entech’s Full-Service IT vs EMyth Business Coaching

Embracing EMyth’s Philosophy for Business Excellence 👋

Running a business often feels like a cycle of survive-thrive-survive, with challenges constantly pushing us back to square one. At Entech, we understand this struggle—not just in business but in technology as well. This insight led us to redefine how we serve our clients: not just to “fix” technology (which we excel at), but to transform IT into powerful leverage that propels businesses beyond mere survival. While our collaboration with EMyth has taught us valuable lessons about aligning business systems to help us create similar margins, it’s important to note the contrast. Business Coaches focuses on teaching business owners to manage and strategize. In contrast, at Entech, we believe in taking action post-strategy and fully executing change, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best.

The Transformation from Overwhelmed to Enlightened

Our engagement with EMyth began with a commitment to build systems within our business that would better connect our efforts to goals. While many business owners start with a hands-on approach, managing every logistical detail, EMyth’s way of looking beyond daily tasks and focusing on visionary thinking resonated with us. It helped us refine our strategies to align very closely with our long-term goals. Initially, EMyth’s in-depth curriculum seemed daunting, as it presented us with numerous areas for improvement. But our dedicated coach guided us through and clarified these challenges, helping us prioritize decisions that would improve our long-term viability and value… but they are not an “Easy Button” and never did any of the work for us 🤔

EMyth’s Empowerment Method: Teaching to Fish 🎣

EMyth’s philosophy emphasizes learning, giving business owners the tools to understand and respond to market conditions successfully. This approach transformed our internal culture, encouraging forward-thinking and effective problem-solving. However, we had already adopted a similar approach in IT service for our clients – but we were a step ahead. Our role extends beyond coaching clients – education and learning can be fun and valuable.  But it’s 2024 – “fishing” is a hobby! With tech and my fingers, I can have a cooked fish delivered to me while I “Get Things Done”. This is the biggest differentiator in how We Make IT Work for business – Strategize, Education. Yes! – but we handle the actual implementation of approved strategies & support every client every step of the way, effectively closing the gap between planning and execution. ✅

The EMyth-Entech “Dis”connection

At Entech, we believe that business owners shouldn’t have to master IT to reap its benefits. By adapting EMyth’s educational framework into our operations, we provide detailed assessments with clear, practical advice. Our approach simplifies technology and steers clear of unnecessary technical jargon. This strategy helps our clients make well-informed decisions, freeing them to concentrate on their core business functions. In doing so, Entech equips entrepreneurs to use technology in their businesses efficiently without needing to be IT experts. 

Proof in Proactive Engagements: The Heart of Our Approach

We are committed to regular technology reviews and strategy alignments… Sound cliche? –  We engage with many of our clients on an ongoing basis – Even when they are Not having problems.  Not all businesses understand and desire this level of service or have this understanding of technology as leverage. Continuous dialogue ensures that technology supports and drives our client’s business objectives and helps distinguish them in their communities. 

Let Entech make IT work for you

As we personalize IT solutions to your unique business needs, we invite you to connect with us and explore how strategic IT alignment can propel your business forward. At Entech, we provide more than IT solutions; we deliver strategies that fit perfectly with your business goals, ensuring your technology keeps pace with your ambitions.

Final Thoughts

We entered the coaching domain looking for quick solutions but learned that growth requires ongoing development and calculated focus. At Entech, we commit to helping you understand technology only to the level you desire – but we’re genuinely here to not only take the technology burden off of you, but return it enhanced as leverage for your business. 

Let’s build a future where technology truly Enriches Our Communities.